There are a ton of way to find your clothes a new home.

When it comes to generic lightly used clothes and accessories I simple donate them to a salvation army or women’s shelter. In Toronto their are donation boxes everywhere making it super easy to give your clothes a good home. Look int0 drop off locations in your area. 

But sometime we just can’t bare to give away certain items. They maybe too fabulous or too expensive to just hand off, so instead they hang in your closet unworn for years. However there are ways to give your clothes away and make some money back, because who couldn’t use a little extra cash?

Here are 5 places to sell you formerly loved items:

1. Poshmark

A quick place to sell your stuff online where buyers and sellers can negotiate prices.

This resell app allows you to post any item in less then 60 seconds. And although it is a selling and purchasing app, it is also a community where you can follow and communicate with others on the site. This feature is great if you find some who is a similar size with a similar style. Follow them and find out what they are posting.

One of the best feature’s is that the seller has to put in minimal effort when it comes to shipping; the buyer pays shipping charges and Poshmark sends the sell the shipping slip.

Super easy and perfect for all your clothes and accessories. 

2. ThredUp

Your one stop shop to clear out your whole closet; high to low end items. 

This is your online consignment shop.Great way to sell and buy if you aren’t in an area with a consignment store. You send them your things and they will send you money. The company typically accepts less than 40 percent of what’s sent to them, but that is pretty average when it come to any consignment shop. Their strict quality efforts help ensure only the most marketable products make it to the site.

This is best used when you have a high volume of items at various price points and quality levels that you are looking to offload. They will give you money for things they can sell, and take the other items off your hands for donation if you want. 

3. Snob Swab 

A great way to authenticate and value your designer items before selling. 

Snob Swab allows you to work with local boutiques to have your items evaluated and sold directly online following their authentication process. It may seem like a long process, but worth it for both the seller and the buyer to make sure they the transaction is fair. 

There are almost 1,000 designer brands available and it’s free to list your item. Snob Swap takes a percentage of the price of your item only when it sells. Buyers can also set up alerts for certain items so they never miss out on their dream items. 


4. Tradesy

This is the perfect platform if you’ve got a unique piece to sell or if you do a lot of resale shopping yourself.

You can buy and sell anything from Zara to Chanel on Tradesy.  Listing on the site is free and easy to use. Once your item is sold you are sent a shipping kit for easy delivery to its new home. You can either cash in your earnings or keep them as credit on the site to use on new purchases for yourself. 

The site will take a percentage of your earnings – like most sites, but if you use your earned money on the site they take a smaller percentage.

5. Your Local Consignment Shop 

If you are looking for a clean break from your clothes and want immediately revenue from your items this is the best option. 

Simply ask around or do a quick google search for consignment stores in your area. If you live in a big city there maybe stores geared towards specific styles. Find the best one that works for you and head over with as little or as much as you want. 

You may not walk out with a lot of money(depending on what you have to sell) but at least you can walk out without your old clothes- But I can’t promise you wont walk out with some new items.