I am a low-key hoarder.

I keep everything, some things for sentimental purposes, but mostly it is my inability to throw anything out that isn’t broken. So when I was faced with the realization that I can only take what fits into a car with me when I move to the west coast, I was slightly panicked.

My solution was to force a minimalistic lifestyle upon myself.

I am moving into a furnished apartment with all ‘necessities’ taken care of (kitchen stuff, towels etc.) So all I really need to bring are clothes and electronics. But as I started to mentally pack I realized I need to bring everything I own.

After all, what if I take a a weekend trip somewhere cold and need my parka?

I can convince myself to keep anything – so I need foul proof rules to keep myself in check.

Rule One: Do not take anything you haven’t worn in the last year. 

This includes throwing out the panties and bras you no longer wear- I personally have a crammed full undergarment drawer with stuff that could last me 2 months of no laundry. It’s just not necessary, and keeping only 2 weeks worth of undies insures you stay on a healthy laundry routine.

Rule Two: Don’t keep anything that ‘might fit one day’. 

I feel good about the size that I am, and I have no plans to change drastically anytime soon. So trying to cram myself into those jeans every 6 months, just to feel bad when they don’t button up is not worth the closet space – or my sanity.


Side tip – Don’t purchase something too small with the hopes that one day you’ll fit into it. Even if you reach your goals, the item still might not fit right or you might not even like it anymore. Instead buy an article of clothing to reward yourself that will make you feel good no matter your size. 



Rule Three: Don’t keep anything that doesn’t reflect your current self. 

I currently work in a much more business casual environment and have absolutely no reason to keep all of my more ‘professional’ looks.  Although I will be keeping a pencil skirt and a couple of blazers, I am more then happy to relinquish my work appropriate ensembles.